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Respect for the cold chain

Respecting the cold chain is one of the major challenges in guaranteeing the safety of foodstuffs. Throughout the transport, your products are maintained at the required temperature thanks to adapted and ATP* certified equipment.

Cold rooms, refrigerated vehicles and isothermal boxes are all equipped with sensors allowing us to monitor and control the temperature in real time. You benefit from the traceability of your products for a total transparency from the sender to the recipient.

In order to anticipate the risks linked to the breaking of the cold chain, our partner has developed a tailor-made technology with systematic alerts in case of temperature deviation. This proactive information is then analyzed and processed by a dedicated unit.

*Agreement on the Transport of Perishable Goods

An approach that meets regulatory requirements

In accordance with European regulations, we have set up a Sanitary Control Plan based on the HACCP model.

This approach allows us to analyze and control potential risks during all stages of transport. All our employees are trained to respect good hygiene practices and are aware of the specificities of foodstuff transportation. This entire process is ISO 22000 certified and contributes to guaranteeing the safety of foodstuffs.

With this commitment, your dry, fresh and frozen products keep all their taste and nutritional qualities from collection to delivery.

  • ISO 22 000 certification of food safety management guaranteeing the integrity of the products to the final consumer
  • Real-time temperature monitoring and proactive approach in case of cold chain breakage alert.

A delivery assigned according to the products

As soon as we receive your payment, our professionals are committed to processing your order expressly. Our values concerning the respect of our customers and our products allow us to offer you an express delivery to the address of your choice. The shipping costs are adapted to your location, they are offered from 30€ of purchase if the delivery is made in Luxembourg and from 180€ of purchase if you the delivery is made in France. For a lower amount the applicable shipping costs are :

  • 24.99€ TTC (varies according to weight) for a delivery in France with Chronofresh
  • 9.99€ TTC (varies according to weight) for a delivery in France with Chrono Viti
  • Shipping costs on request for delivery in Europe, Switzerland and Monaco

Kaviaro promises to maintain delivery services adapted to the size of your order within 2 to 3 working days.

That’s why we offer two delivery services to meet your different needs as quickly as possible :

The Chronofresh service is committed to transporting your fresh products with care and speed, while respecting the cold chain. With Chronofresh, all your products are delivered in isothermal crates and rolls that meet ATP standards. Each product is monitored with RFID chips in order to record the temperature live throughout the delivery of the product.

The Chrono Viti service is committed to transporting your wine products with care and speed thanks to their specialized packaging. Your bottles of wine will be sent in an express manner in recyclable packaging integrating a protection system to secure your product. Your products are then safely delivered anywhere in France and Europe.

Our payment modules are set up to guarantee your security. We propose you 2 means so that you choose the one you trust the most. Your trust is very important to us, that’s why we propose you a payment by credit card or a payment by Paypal.